Install and Setup Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Setup Google Chrome Remote Desktop 

Grab yourself a copy of the add-on from the Chrome Web Store – 
click the Add To Chrome button

After installing Chrome Remote Desktop application
go to Apps section in your Chrome browser and click on the  Chrome Remote Desktop icon.

Click Continue button in order to grant extend access permissions to your computer.

If you are not already logged in inside your Google account do it now. In new page that opens up you will see a set of permissions which will be used once you grant it. Review them and if you agree with all of them click on Allow access blue button.

In new page you will have the option to choose in between two different options: Remote Access or My Computers. Since we want to share our desktop click on Get started under My Computer and then click on Enable remote connection.

In order to protect access to your computer you need to choose a PIN code.
Type it inside empty fields two times and click OK.

If UAC window opens up click Yes and wait until remote connection is established.

After connection is established you are done with setup on your computer.
Repeat above steps on other computers

To share your desktop, under Remote Assistant section click green Share button.

On new window that opens up copy the code you see and give it to people with who you want to share access to your computer. Once you are done click Cancel to close the session.

The transmitted data is encrypted (SSL), and it also use VP8 codec for rendering graphics on the remote system.
Note: Be very careful to whom you are giving access and what level of authorization you giving.

Access your computer from any computer

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Type chrome://apps in your address bar and press Enter.
  3. Click Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome Remote Desktop icon.
  4. If the Get Started button appears in the "My Computers" box, click it to display remote connection options.
  5. Choose the computer you’d like to access from the list of computers enabled for remote connection.
  6. Enter the PIN that you set up for the computer.
  7. Click Connect.
Stop a remote session
At the top center of the page, click the drop down bar > Disconnect.