1GB Favicon crashing FireFox and Google Chrome

1GIG Favicon bug reportedly can crash your Chrome & Firefox browsers. Strange but true, the small little icon termed as Favicon is really a backup of the whole WP site, downloaded by every browser passing by” This creepy bug makes Chrome and Firefox download the huge favicon files to the point till they crash the browser.

Weirdest is that thing that users are not at all aware of this download as it is all done in the background. Favicon is a symbol image or an icon of a website which is displayed in the top left corner of the web browser.

A Favicon is specifically 16X16 in size, but it seems that the bug has come from a favicon file which is wrongly sized. The browser downloads a huge 1GB  file without any visual indication and the browser becomes unresponsive and crashes eventually.

Test your browser by visiting http://localhost:3000 (or if you have process.env.PORT set then that port)

Outlook App for Android out of preview

The preview label from Outlook app for Android has been removed and is now available in all markets supported by the Google Play Store

The Outlook team set a high bar for releasing the Outlook for Android before removing the preview label. Working hard to meet this high standards, they aupdated Outlook for Android 17 times which included before removing it from Preview 

Upgrades includes 
Improvements in performance and stability Localization, accessibility Adding more features to Match the iOS version.

Main features:
Some of the main features added are: Improved look and feel IMAP support improved People section Directory Search Calendar’s 3-day view and many more new Calendar features Customized swipe gestures Choose default folders Empty trash

What’s next for Outlook app for Android Outlook app is an example of Office’s new development model for building mobile apps. The removal of Preview tag does not mean that development is over – it is not the end, but it’s the start. The Outlook team will keep the app updated to make it better, to provide new features regularly.

Get it from the Google Play Stores. It requires Android 4.0 and above.